Abstract Submission

Deadline for abstract submission: July 14th, 2019

In order to simplify the procedure, please fill in all the required fields in the form. The abstract must not exceed 300 words.

The obligatory fields to be filled in:
- personal data of the person submitting the abstract,
- e-mail,
- the presenter (in case of an oral presentation),
- full name of the home institution of the paper,
- type of the paper – experimental/research/ review,
- full title of the paper,
- 3 key words

The abstract of an experimental or research paper must comprise the following elements: introduction, the objective of the paper, material and methods, results and conclusions.
Apart from a concise introduction to the topic, the abstracts of the review papers must also contain the objectives and conclusions of the paper.

Abstracts shall be accepted for evaluation provided that the congress registration form is submitted and author’s (presenter) congress fee is paid.

Confirmation of the submission and approval of the abstract
After filling in the form and sending the abstract, the person submitting it shall receive a confirmation of the acceptance of the abstract. The authors whose papers will be approved by the Scientific Council, shall be notified by an e-mail.

Information about the accepted papers and the presentation forms will be available on the website of the Congress.

Posters – technical information
All papers qualified for the presentation in the form of posters will be displayed in electronic form on several vertically arranged monitors working in HD resolution (1080x1920).

  • JPG or PDF file format,
  • the poster should consist of ONE page,
  • minimal font size 8 (for 1080x1920 resolution),
  • a vertical form in 16:9 proportions,
  • the recommended resolution is 1080/1920. In the case of larger resolutions, the image will be scaled to the size of the screen, ie 1080/1920,
  • the name of the file should clearly indicate the author and the title of the paper,
  • the size of the file with the electronic poster can not exceed 10 MB.

Submitting person data
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